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Dan Slocombe


Dan was employed at L-3 Communications TRL Technology for over five years, working as an electronics design engineer.

Dan did extensive work on UK high-grade cryptographic products such as CATAPAN and IP-CATAPAN, as well as development design for future UK government cryptographic equipment. This gave him extensive experience with IP and networking, as well as the services listed below.

In addition to electronic design work, Dan performed a variety of subsidiary duties. He was the secure network administrator for five years, and wrote computer programs in C, C++ and Visual Basic.

Dan has been the director of Adantic since March 2007, and provides services as a design & verification engineer. In this role he has been involved in the design and development of 10GBASE-T ASICs, FPGAs for 3G applications, and verification at a block- and system-level using OVM and VMM. He is based in Cambridge, UK.


Dan can provide the following professional services:

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Further information

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